Mandatory Bali Culinary place Visited

posted on 14 Jan 2016 21:13 by kaffahmedia in Wisata

Mandatory Bali Culinary place Visited

Bali offers an abundance of charm for tourists visiting the island. In addition to the place - beautiful destinations, Bali also offers spot - a culinary pamper the tourists - paket wisata bali. Yes, culinary tourism has become one of the tourists visiting list when on vacation somewhere.

For this reason, it feels incomplete if you pay a visit to Bali but have not really feel what it's culinary Bali. For those of you who want to taste the culinary specialties of this resort island, you definitely need some recommendations of places which have a delicious menu and a comfortable place. Especially while traveling with family or traveled with friends on the island.

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Here are a few recommendations culinary tour places for the tourists who are visiting Bali.

Warung Mina

Although called a stall, but this is not the place to eat regular food stall you know. This is one restaurant culinary Bali you can go while visiting Bali. Not only the local tourists but also foreign tourists love to visit this place. This is because this restaurant presents a cozy dining sensation. The main menu is served in this restaurant is a fish that is Gurameh which has a delicious taste. There are several menu carp that served as sweet and sour carp, carp basil sauce. There are also several seafood offerings available in this restaurant such as sweet and sour calamari, fried calamari and fried shrimp.

Grilled Chicken Seasoning Yellow Cak Iwan

Chicken is still the one of the people - people as a culinary tour. If you are visiting Bali, this could be one of the places you can visit because of this restaurant serves a menu of chicken that is different from the usual place. This place serves chicken cooked with a rich yellow spice or herb commonly referred to pesmol. Not only pesmol chicken, this restaurant also provides a menu pesmol pesmol carp and catfish.

Warung Makan D'Sawah

It is one of the best eating places in Bali that you need to visit when traveling to this resort island. One of the many preferred by people - people eat is because this place offers a beautiful view in the form of rice terraces stretching so that visitors can enjoy a meal while looking at the natural beauty around. Not only that, this restaurant also serves up some culinary menu Bali very tasty. Therefore, do not forget to visit this place if you are traveling to Bali.

Nasi Ayam Bu Kedewatan Mangku

Visiting this place can be one of your choices for a culinary tour in Bali. This place has a main menu that is full of chicken served with rice, peanuts and others. If you are accustomed to eating in Jogja warm, then in Bali you are obliged to visit this place. A matter of taste, this restaurant can pamper culinary connoisseurs.

That's four recommendations of places to enjoy culinary Bali with a variety of things on offer so as to spoil the visitors - Besides enjoy delicious main menu that is served at the restaurant you visit, you jug can enjoy a beautiful atmosphere in the restaurant. Therefore, if you are visiting Bali, do not forget to stop by the place - that place.