SEO Vs Google Adword, which is the most appropriate

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SEO Vs Google Adword, which is the most appropriate

Many ways that you can take to promote a website online. Two of them are Google Adwords and SEO. Both Google Adword ads and Jasa SEO are part of Search Engine Marketing (SEM).
If we browse deeper, one way to promote this website, both Google Adwords and SEO have similarities and differences, and has the advantages and disadvantages of each other, depending on the purpose of your marketing.

What is Google Adword

If you are one of the hundreds of people who are new in this case, maybe you have ever people are talking about Pay Per Click (PPC). Google Adword is part of the PPC. If you do not know what Google Adword, please continue reading this article.

Google Adwords is an advertising platform owned by Google. Advertisers can use this platform so that they appear on the website SERP Google, YouTube and thousands of other websites that participate in other Google program called Google Adsense.

Usually, advertisers can choose between two types of payment for action on their ads. The first type, the advertiser will pay for the ad when someone clicks on their ads. The second way, the advertiser will pay when the ad appears 1000 times. You also need to know that in order for your website is displayed on the places already mentioned above, your ad competes with other ads. Let the most ads will be shown by google first.

What is SEO

Actually, on the other we have discussed about what SEO. However, for our discussion on this occasion is complete, we will try to lift it back so that we could all be more understanding on how to promote this one website.

SEO (Read: Search Engine Optimization) is a way that you do to make your website appear on the first page of search results of search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines. So that you get it all, then you should optimize your website to match the desired search engine.

A website is said to be in accordance with the desired search engine (read: friendly) if the search engines can read your pages with ease. If a search engine is difficult to read the web page you especially can not at all, then this is bad news for your business website.

Comparisons between Google Adwords and SEO

Well, once you know and understand about Google Adwords and SEO, so now we go on a comparison between the two. Which is more suited to your marketing strategies so as to bring greater benefits.
• If you use Google Adword, meaning you only targeted visitors from Google alone, while other search engines certainly neglected. However, if you choose an SEO, it is very suitable for all types of search engines, both google, yahoo and bing.
• You will be charged if the visitor comes from Google Adword while the SEO method is free as long as you are a visitor the first page of search engines
• Google Adword ads will appear on the top and right of the search engine results. While the SEO will be very difficult to get a result like that, but the competition is very weak.
• Use Google Adword ads you can get visitors immediately after the setup of advertising, while using SEO methods you have to wait in a long enough period of time. Especially for the relatively new website website.
• Use Google Adword ads more easily calculate ROI, while using relatively more difficult SEO
• Use Google Adword ads that you get the visitors temporarily during the ad budget is still available. Meanwhile visitors from SEO relatively survive in the long term.
• With Google Adword ads you can target many keywords at once, whereas with SEO methods you have to focus on a few keywords that are potentially generate sales
• With Google Adword ads, you can advertise on websites that barafiliasi website with Google Adsense, while with SEO you just get visitors from search engine results.

Which one is best suited for your website

If your website is relatively new (less than 3 months) we suggest to you to use Google's AdWords to drive traffic to your website.
Or if you want faster results, then you are also very suitable to use Google adwords to get traffic potential. Google Adwords is very suitable for a relatively new business and want to get visitors as soon as possible.

However, when you choose to use Google Adword ads to bring in potential visitors to a website, you have to take into account the budget carefully you use. Because if you do not do it properly, let alone benefit from your business is, it's going to happen is the opposite.

Therefore, if you do not have adequate knowledge about how advertising google adwords effective, then it is appropriate for you to pay for Google's AdWords advertising service providers. It is the right choice for you.

How to SEO

If you want to get quick results, we suggest you use the Google Adword. But this does not mean you ignore the other way, SEO. If you want to be successful in the long term, then you must do SEO well.
With SEO methods means that you optimize your website so that the overall good impact for the long term. If you do not know how to do it, you can hire a seo services provider that is currently located on the Internet.

If you want a recommendation from us, you can visit the following page SEO Services

Do you have to use this method at the same 2
Many people believe that when they are already getting visitors from Google Adword, then they no longer need to do SEO. Actually, this is the wrong approach. Conversely, when you have a good ranking mendaptkan all, we still recommend that you use the Google Adword at the moment given moment.

So, use Google Adword ads if your website is relatively new and do SEO at the same time to obtain long-term results.


Basically, between SEO and Google Adword no better and no worse. Two of them are an online marketing method which is very nice you try to get a more satisfactory results.

You can use the Google Adword if you want to get visitors in a short time and use SEO to get visitors in the long term.

That brief discussion related to the theme of Google Adword ads SEO Vs. As we have expressed above, which platform is better, it depends on the needs and goals of your online marketing.

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